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The missing startup operating system

Run your projects, goals, and processes like a high performance startup.

You don’t need a COO. You need Operately.

Running your startup with project management tools and Notion documents? Must be a massive headache. We’ve been there with Semaphore. Figuring out the right systems was tough and implementing them, even tougher. Truth is, every startup needs the same systems to keep people aligned and execute well.

That’s why we’re building Operately: to give every startup the tools to become a high-performance organization with 10x less effort.

The Operately way

What’s in the mix

Operately integrates proven tools and workflows into an intuitive system of checks and balances, ready for your team to hit the ground running.

The Blueprint

Understand Operately’s method in detail by reading our operations handbook.

at launch


Standardize project management across groups with tailored system that comes pre-loaded with accountability and feedback loops.

at launch


Bridge your long-term vision with daily tasks and milestones. It’ll be clear if your ship is moving in the right direction and what distractions to avoid.



No more dead letters. The playbook your team will build is made of actionable procedures connected to every role and reponsibility.


AI coach

Spend less time on internal training and feedback. It’s like every employee having a world-class mentor to help them continuously improve.



Build the right habits from day one. All features are designed to give you the controls you need to meet SOC 2 and ISO 27001 requirements.

Launching soon

Join the waitlist to be the first to know when we launch. Currently scheduled for April 2024.

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