The missing startup operating system

Run your projects, goals, and processes like a high performance startup.

You don't need a COO. You need Operately.

Running your startup with project management tools and Notion documents? Must be a massive headache. We've been there with Semaphore. Figuring out the right systems was tough and keeping them in order, even tougher.

operately alpha screenshot

Truth is, every startup needs to do the same things in order to win.

  • Projects Standardize project management across groups with a ready-to-go structure with built-in accountability and feedback loops.
  • Goals Connect your long-term vision to short-term goals and all the way to daily tasks and milestones. It'll be clear if your ship is moving in the right direction and what distractions to avoid.
  • KPIs Track your Key Performance Indicators in correlation with ongoing work. Understand your team's performance at a glance and make data-driven decisions to drive your startup forward.
  • Playbook No more dead letters. Your playbook will be made of actionable procedures connected to every role and responsibility. As a bonus, you'll get a system to onboard new team members in no time.

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