About Operately

Operately’s mission is to empower every startup to execute at the highest level.

We recognize that while startup founders are brilliant innovators, they often struggle with the operational challenges of building a company. At Operately, we provide the systems and tools needed to streamline execution, maintain focus, and boost information flow. By helping startups succeed, we help unlock more human potential to make positive changes in the world.

Read the Masterplan for further details on our vision and how we plan to achieve it.

Operately (the company)#

Operately is a remote, async-fist, distributed, open-source company.


We are a remote company, which means that all employees work from location outside of a traditional office. Remote work is superior to both employees and the company. It offers flexibility, eliminates commutes, and allows the company to hire the best talent, regardless of their location.

We are NOT a work from anywhere company. We require employees to have a dedicated workspace that is free from distractions and interruptions, secure and reliable internet connection, and a quiet environment for calls and meetings.


Most of the work you do at Operately shouldn’t require you to be in constant communication throughout the entire day with someone, e.g. a manager or a colleague.

You should collaborate as though most things you ask of others will gen an answer eventually, but not necessarily right at that moment. Your first choice of action should be to write a message, create a todo, record a video, draw a digram, and then share it. This way, they can review it when their schedule allows, rather than interrupting their flow.

Of course, there are times when we need to collaborate in real time, but those should be infrequent, schedule in advance, and participants should be prepared to engage fully. We have DMs, email, video calls, screen sharing when async communication isn’t efficient.


Our employees and open-source contributors are distributed across the globe, spanning multiple continents and time zones. This allows us to work with the best people regardless of their location.

We are a distributed company, NOT a decentralized company. We have a central hub where most of the decisions are made, and we have a clear hierarchy of roles and responsibilities.

When individuals and teams are dispersed geographically, it is imperative for collaboration to be active rather than passive. You should radiate information, share your work, write down decisions, and make sure everyone is on the same page. If a manager or a colleague constantly has to ask you for updates, you are not doing your job well.


Operately is an open company, with an open-source product.

We strongly believe in the power of community and the impact it can have on building and scaling successful startups. By building in the open, we hope to build a community of founders, operators, and builders who can collaborate, share insights and best practices, and support one another in their journey toward success.


Our aim is to build a company that is sustainable, profitable, and impactful.

We are open-source, but we are NOT a non-profit. By earning money, we can make sure that we can continue to offer a great product, support our users, and provide a great work environment for our team. By being profitable, we ensure that we can continue to operate for the long term.