These are the software tools that we use at Operately to get work done.


We believe in eating our own dog food. We use Operately to run our company, set goals, manage projects, communicate, and track progress. Operately is the hub of our operations and the source of truth for all things related to the company.



We use Discord for team communication, chat, and watercooler conversations. Discord is where we hang out, share memes, and have fun. We have different channels for different topics, projects, and teams. Discord is the place where we build relationships, share knowledge, and have fun.

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We use Semaphore for continuous integration and deployment. Semaphore is where we run our tests, build our code, and deploy to production. It is a trusted gatekeeper that ensures that only high-quality code reaches our users.



We use GitHub for version control, code reviews, and collaboration. GitHub is where we store and review our code. It is the place to meet our contributors, collaborate on projects, and build software together.



We use Whimsical for wireframing, flowcharts, and diagrams. Whimsical is where we design our user interfaces, map out our processes, and visualize our ideas. It is a creative space where we bring our ideas to life and share them with others.


Google Workspace#

We use Google Workspace for email, calendar, and documents. Google Meet is where we have standups, meetings, and calls.