At Operately, we believe in the maker mindset. We are a company of makers, and we believe that everyone can be a maker. We are looking for people who want to build a career, not just have a job. People who are passionate about their craft, committed to their growth, and dedicated to their work.

Joining Operately and Your First Year#

Congratulations! You are part of the team.

In the first weeks, you’ll get to know your manager the team, the company, and the product. It’s your manager’s responsibility to give you proper opportunities to demonstrate your skills and fitness for the job. This includes your technical expertise, your ability to work with others, and your ability to take feedback and adopt to the culture at Operately.

In the first year, you’ll have three formal performance reviews. At the 1 month, 6 month, and 12 month mark. On occassion, despite our best efforts to hire the right people, things don’t work out. If during that time it starts looking like your long-term employment at Operately won’t work out, your manager will let you early and share feedback on why.

By the time you reach the 12 month mark, we expect to be as excited about working with you as we were when we hired you on day one. Likewise, you should feel the same way about having joined the team.

Your first year with Operately should confirm you’ll well suited for the job and that you’re excited about the work you’re doing. Just put in your best effort, make sure to reach out for help when you need it, embrace the feedback you receive, and you’ll do great.

Mastery Levels & Titles#

  • L1 - Junior - This is the entry level position for most roles at Operately. You’ll be expected to learn the ropes, get to know the team, and start contributing to the team’s goals. You operate on a task-by-task basis, and you’ll be expected to ask for help when you need it.

  • L2 - Mid-Level - At this level, you’re expected to be able to work independently on most tasks. You’ll be expected to take on the role of a champion for certain projects and drive them to completion.

  • L3 - Senior - At this level, you’re expected to be able to work independently on projects, usually with a team. You’ll be expected to take on some quarterly goals and take ownership of outcomes. You’ll be expected to mentor junior and mid-level employees.

  • L4 - Staff - At this level, you’ll be the primary driver of quarterly goals, and take on some yearly goals. You’ll be expected to be a leader in the team, and you’ll be expected to mentor junior, mid-level, and senior employees.

  • L5 - Lead - At this level, you are leading annual goals, taking ownership of outcomes and the team’s direction. You are the leader of the team, setting the team’s culture, managing the team and their performance.

  • L6 - Principal - This level is reserved for people whose innovative work creates a resounding impact throughout the organization and even the industry. Those at this level are expected to be thought leaders in their field on a international scale.

If not specified in your offer letter, your level will be determined by your manager on your first performance review on the 1 month mark based on the level you were hired. You will be expected to reach the full impact level of the mastery level within 6 months of being hired.

If you are below Senior level, you should work towards developing Senior level skills. Juniors should achive Mid-Level skills within 2 year of being hired, while Mid-Level contributors should achive Senior in 3 years. When everyone is able to follow that trajectory, we create a healthy, high-performing, efficient team where everyone is able to trust each other to run at a similar pace.

Once you reach Senior, there is no expectation of further progression to Lead, Staff, or Principal. Those who end up progressing to those levels usually have a strong desire to do so, and have been working with us for a decade or more.